Frank Long

Frank Long

Chief Editor, Principal Analyst

With more than a decade of experience in allied healthcare publishing, Frank Long has sent more than 100 issues to press as chief editor for two of the leading titles in physical therapy and long-term rehabilitation. Beginning in 2011 Frank took the helm of Physical Therapy Products and increased the amount of therapist-authored content while continuing to profile the features and functions that clinicians care about most in evaluating the products and technologies in their scope of practice. The input of thought leaders, influencers, and leading clinicians is woven into Physical Therapy Products to assure it is wrapped in the latest thinking, whether published online or in print.

Frank continues to cultivate a network of physical rehabilitation technology manufacturing professionals that help him remain abreast of developments in the vital technologies that help PTs practice at the top of their game.

In 2018 Physical Therapy Products will continue to be a leader in providing dynamic online content that includes podcasts focused on practice management, regulatory issues, and clinical care technologies. The website offers news content refreshed daily and encourages readers to sound off about what they read via interactive comments enabled for each article. The weekly SOAP Notes newsletter will deliver fresh content concentrated on the physical therapy profession as well as developments in healthcare policy, industry news, learning events and, of course, product-related news.

The editorial DNA of Physical Therapy Products is strengthened by the guidance of an exceptional editorial advisory board. This group of industry veterans is composed of clinic owners, administrators, educators, and practicing clinicians whose expertise and perspective help shape the brand’s editorial mission. Working closely with the editorial staff, this esteemed group assures all content published under the Physical Therapy Products brand is relevant to the profession and embedded with the high value information that practicing therapists need to succeed.

Frank Long, Chief Editor, Principal Analyst